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Plug In how much you’re spending every month.

Like it or not, there are things we have to buy from big companies every month. See how much impact you can have.

Make sure you’re sitting down. This is how much you will spend over the next 10 years on just these few things.

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We are currently figuring out who is the best company in this industry. The bigger the crowd grows, the more impact we all have.

Money is power. What will you do with yours?

Spend it, save it or donate some or all of it to change something you really care about, it’s completely up to you.

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Congratulations.  You are now part of a real solution.  Remember, the more Crowdspenders there are, the  more powerful we all are.  So tell your friends, your co-workers and people who share your concerns to join Crowdspending too.

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Save the Environment

It’s time that the people who care about this planet have more money than those who are hurting it.
Over 100 Million Americans think climate change is a serious problem. Crowdspending gives every single one of them the money to do something meaningful about it.

Help Animals

They are our family. Take care of them.
Use the money you already spend to free up the resources to protect every last one of them.

Change Politics

Want the government hired by the people to work for the people?
Switching your spending in to the Crowd gives each of us the money we need to make sure that happens.

Promote Human Rights

They are called Rights for a reason.
Crowdspending democratizes giving. Now every one of us can have our voice heard.

Get Behind a Social Cause

Society is the word we use for the things we have to do together.
“Optimists and Pessimists are both part of society. The Optimist builds the airplane, the Pessimist the parachute.” G.B. STERN