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what is the most powerful
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CrowdSpending changes everything, but without you, nothing changes

Crowdspending turns you from a consumer in to something revolutionary and powerful, using the money you already spend. It shifts who has the power and creates the funding to turn this in to action. Here’s how...

Big them little you

Today, a small handful of people control almost everything. They get what they want because they are the Big Deal. Money, Power & Influence. Day after day, they get wealthier and more powerful while the rest of us just get bounced around.

this isn't how things are supposed to work.

We have the power to tip the scale

The fact is, it’s our spending that makes everything happen. Large corporations, Wall Street, even the Billionaires - all the Big Deals, are completely reliant on the money we spend every day. If we spend even a bit less, the whole economy goes in to a tailspin.

Together, we spend over $10 Trillion every year. That’s 10 Thousand Billion Dollars and more. Alone, we’re pretty powerless, but together, we are the Trillionaires. We are the Big Deal. The power is already ours. We just need a way to use it.

That’s what Crowdspending is for.

Power from money we're already spending

Spending together as a Crowd immediately makes each of us a Big Deal. With Crowdspending, you take the money you already spend on insurance, wireless and financial services and spend with the Crowd to get the power and influence you deserve.

The best terms, the best treatment and the ability to make your voices heard.

together, we are a big deal

Crowdspending switches our spending on one company in each industry. One wireless company, one for insurance, one for mortgages and so on. Crowdspending chooses the companies that offer the best service, best products, and are best to their people.

Switching our spending to just one company in each industry makes us the Big Deal to them. Crowdspending gets each of us hundreds or thousands dollars every year in the form of better pricing and cash rebates.

Now we have the influence and money to really change things.

this is how things change

What you do with the money Crowdspending gets you every year is 100% up to you. Keep it, support things you care about, or come together with others in the Crowd to change things in ways that were once impossible.

Millions of people each with the ability to have their voices heard. That’s a Big Deal.

This is #powertothepeople

crowdspending makes it possible, but you make it happen Here's how
  1. Join Crowdspending. It’s free, and it always will be.
  2. Switch your spending so you’re buying with the power of the Crowd behind you.
  3. Get everyone you know to join the Crowd with you. The faster the Crowd grows, the Bigger Deal we all become.
  4. Use the money that Crowdspending generates for you for what matters most to you.
crowdspending is simple. no one ever tells you what to do with your money And we never sell you out to anyone. start by switching your wireless and insurance spending today and you immediately become a big deal.
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